Genealogical Tutoring

One-on-one help to get you started on your journey efficiently or help you break down a brick wall. This service is for the do-it-yourselfer for $25 an hour. Two hour sessions are recommended.

Research Services

Desire a family tree or pedigree chart to hang on your wall, apply to a lineage society, or solve a mystery? The process for obtaining these goals with professionally prepared reports, complete with citations is the same.

    1. Free Consultation

Discuss background knowledge, any previous research, and goals. For first time customers the consultation can be up to 60 minutes. For returning customers, the consultation can be up to 30 minutes.

    2. Contract

AJ Genealogy will draft a written agreement for both parties to sign. Estimated cost will be based on my rate of $25 per hour for research and reporting. Sample Contract

    3. Research Process

Any adjustment that needs to be made to the plan due to revelations in the research and analysis phase will be approved by the client.

research process

    4. Report

A written research report, complete with citations, will be presented to the client along with a final invoice with any incidental expenses. Sample Reports